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Lobster Roll 4 Great Places on the Maine Coast

he lobster roll is a Maine icon: a combination of one of our best natural resources and Yankee practicality.The traditional lobster roll is made on a hot dog bun and, in Maine, a hot dog bun has exposed dough on both sides rather than being encased in crust. The roll needs to be buttered on both sides and toasted on a griddle. It is served full of fresh lobster meat (either with butter or mayo). No need for any veggies or other flavors to deter from the succulent, fresh lobster taste. Many people searching for a true Maine lobster roll end up at Red’s Eats, a coastal icon located right before the bridge in Wiscasset. Red’s is almost always on the list for best lobster roll. They make a fine lobster roll, but if you would rather spend your vacation enjoying Maine instead of standing in line inhaling the exhaust of summer traffic, I spend my days cycling the coast of Maine for my company Summer Feet Cycling from someone who has ridden every road on the coast of Maine here are 5 great places for a lobster road.


  1. The Trevett Store is located just west of Boothbay. The Trevett Store offers a true lobster roll in an idyllic setting. This little general store with a lunch counter not only knows how to make a lobster roll, but you also get to experience the swing bridge. A swing bridge is a bridge that pivots on a central piling to allow boat traffic through. What makes the Trevett bridge unique is that it is manually operated. Anytime a boat needs to pass through, the bridge keeper comes out with a metal pole, inserts it into the bridge, and walks in a circle until the bridge gains enough momentum to swing open.


  1. Osier’s Wharf is located at the gut where Route 129 crosses onto Rutherford Island (home of Christmas Cove). Osier’s is another corner store with a killer lobster roll with a great view of a working lobster co-op. For non-shellfish eaters, the fish and chips are freshly made and a delicious bargain.


  1. The Lobster Claw is located on West Street in Bar Harbor, Maine. Barry, the owner, is a character and it is worth a visit just to meet him. In addition to being a hoot, Barry is passionate about fresh food and will build you a great lobster roll on demand. All of my friends that guide for National Park Kayak ( the best kayak outfitter on Mt Desert Island) swear that he also has the best fish and chips in town. This is the only place in Bar Harbor to eat a lobster roll or lobster stew. We bring hundreds of people to Bar Harbor in the summer and we never have lobster in town. This is because most, if not all, of the restaurants in Bar Harbor pre-cook the lobster and just heat it up when you order it. We always pile our guests into the van and trek across island to Beal’s or Thurston’s for a fresh lobster dinner. Alas Barry is closed


  1. The Lobster Shack at Two Lights is our home town favorite located on Route 77 just south of Portland in Cape Elizabeth. For this one, bring your bike. You can pedal out of Portland and visit Spring Point and Bug Light, two of the smaller lighthouses in Portland Harbor. Then continue on to the Grand Daddy of Maine lighthouses, Portland Head Light, before cycling to the Lobster Shack for a lobster roll in an Edward Hopper painting. Two Lights was the subject of several of Hopper’s Maine paintings.


  1. Waterman’s Beach Lobster is located off of Route 73 heading south towards Port Clyde.Waterman’s beach recently received honorable mention from the James Beard Foundation. They have not let it go to their heads. They are still only open Thursday through Sunday and offer great simple fresh food in an unpretentious setting with an amazing view.


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